House on Haunted Hill, Part Two


Count Drahoon…Taylor Gentry

Frederic Loren…Will Lasley

Ruth Bridgers…Drew Hinds

Annabelle Loren…C.J. Walton

Nora Manning…Alex Maynard

Lance Shroder…Gregory Lannom

Dr. David Trent…Travis Holmes

Watson Pritchard..Ryan Parrow

Lunaticia/Mrs. Sykes…Allison Goldtrap

Narrator…J. Austin Duke

Artistic Guest…Shondell McFall


Cinematography…Travis Holmes and Chris Williams

Sound Engineering…Aaron Trimble

Art Graphics…Jack O’Rourke and Gregory Lannom

Editor/Writer/Producer/Director…Taylor Gentry

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Instagram and Twitter: @countdrahoon

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Shondell’s Instagram: @the_electric_lotus

Synopsis: Count Drahoon hosts a monthly radio theatre show filled with “fun, fright, and phenomena”! The Count presents an epic two parter: a radio version of the classic Vincent Price film “House on Haunted Hill”! Eccentric millionaire Frederic Loren (Will Lasley) rents the notorious House on Haunted Hill, a home that has long been rumored to be haunted by the ghosts of those murdered in the house, in order to have a little contest. Each guest of the party is in need of money, so Loren wagers that should each person spend a full night in the house, they will win $10,000. It seems simple enough, until very strange occurrences begin to unfold, while tensions mount amongst the guests and hysteria runs amok as the realization that the legends may indeed be fact! In true William Castle fashion, you have a chance to participate! Each actor portrays their character in the style of their best celebrity; if you can guess all the celebrities correctly, you will win a free prize package! Email with your answers! Enjoy the mayhem as well as this month’s local talent: Shondell McFall, our Electric Lotus!

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