That 70’s Horror Show


Count Drahoon…Taylor Gentry

Daryl…Zach King

Leroy Brown/Blahoon…Andre Churchwell

Erik Phantom/Sandman…Drew Hinds

Queen Zimba Legendre…C.J. Walton

Logan…Alex Maynard

Jessica…Chris Williams

Lloyd Kaufman…Will Lasley

Lunaticia…Allison Goldtrap

Narrator…J. Austin Duke

Musical Guest…Wuden


Director of Photography…Corey Guthrie

Sound Engineering…Aaron Trimble

Art Graphics…Xavier Partridge

Editor/Writer/Producer/Director…Taylor Gentry

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Synopsis: Count Drahoon hosts a monthly radio theatre show filled with “fun, fright, and phenomena”! In the inaugural episode, the Count, “Teenage Frankenstein” son Daryl, and the Merry Mob of Mayhem perform a double feature of homages to 70’s horror and science fiction. The first tale, “Scream, Blahoon, Scream!” is set in Harlem in the 1970’s, where Drahoon and Daryl are late for their friend Erik Phantom’s concert. A local man, Leroy Brown,  overhears their conundrum and decides to help them to get to their destination. While en route, Leroy jumps in front of a car that goes off road to save the Count and Daryl. In an attempt to save his life, Drahoon turns Leroy into a vampire; but his new found power makes him fanatical. After taking the new name of Blahoon, he rampages through the streets of Harlem, causing Drahoon and Daryl to seek help from an old girlfriend of Drahoon’s in order to subdue their new friend. In “Drahoon and Daryl’s Run”, the gruesome duo are somehow transported to the future, where a utopian society dictates that original film and television content are banned, and all film and television franchises are subject to Carousel, a giant mechanism that determines what is remade and what will be lost to time. With the help of defectors Logan and Jessica, the Count and Daryl escape Carousel and discover an entire underground movement of dissenters that crave original content . Enjoy the madness of the theatre of the mind, as well as a musical performance by Murfreesboro, TN’s own Wuden!

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