Interviewed By A Vampire: Joe Bob Briggs (R)

The Count sits down with legendary horror host Joe Bob Briggs as we gear up for the premiere of The Last Drive In With Joe Bob Briggs on April 24th! They also discuss Roger Corman, surviving angry mobs, and possible sequels to certain exploitation films!

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Interviewed By A Vampire: Brandon Bassham (R)

I know it has been a while Sooks and Spookettes. We are still here and working diligently behind the scenes. We have successfully located to Hollywood and are in the process of getting in the swing of things. Most of the content we have done the last several months has been over Facebook. If you haven’t already, be sure to give us a like to watch live interviews, readings or plays, such as this one. Enjoy our previously live streamed interview with writer/director Brandon Bassham, creator of The Slashening series and the upcoming Bring on the Damned! Vol. 1! Since the Merry Mob is back in Tennessee, we are working on getting some more radio plays on this feed very soon. Thank you so much for your patience and listening to our show. Hopefully we will be getting back to regular programming very soon.

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Interviewed By A Vampire: John Brennan

The Count is joined by Last Drive In’s Maniacal Maestro John Brennan! Click download to hear them talk about all things Troma, Joe Bob Briggs, and the joys of making music!

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Vlog of the Undead: Volume Four

The Count vlogs on the many trend style videos he’s been forced to do. Support the show!

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Vlog of the Undead: Volume Three

The Count breaks down the modern rules of living as a vampire. Support Count Drahoon via Patreon or subscribe to Troma NOW!:

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Vlog of the Undead: Volume Two

The Count reports bad news from LaLa Land, but you can’t keep a good vampire down for long.

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