Interviewed By A Vampire: Joe Bob Briggs (R)

The Count sits down with legendary horror host Joe Bob Briggs as we gear up for the premiere of The Last Drive In With Joe Bob Briggs on April 24th! They also discuss Roger Corman, surviving angry mobs, and possible sequels to certain exploitation films!

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Vlog of the Undead: Volume Four

The Count vlogs on the many trend style videos he’s been forced to do. Support the show!

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Vlog of the Undead: Volume Three

The Count breaks down the modern rules of living as a vampire. Support Count Drahoon via Patreon or subscribe to Troma NOW!:

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Vlog of the Undead: Volume Two

The Count reports bad news from LaLa Land, but you can’t keep a good vampire down for long.

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Episode 4: Therapeutic Double Feature


Taylor Gentry…Count Drahoon/Lenny

Alex Maynard…Gill Man/Det. Kimball

Will Lasley…Bigfoot

Gregory Lannom…Bogeyman/Bartender

C.J. Walton…Sophie

Andre Churchwell…Rich/Hector

Cova Brouwer…Lana

Special Guest: Shondell McFall


Music by Choram

Sound Engineering by Aaron Trimble

Director of Photography…Corey Guthrie

Written by Taylor Gentry and Alex Maynard

Edited, Produced, and Directed by Taylor Gentry


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Synopsis: The Count presents a “Therapeutic Double Feature”; two tales having to do with some component of mental health or therapy. In “Monster Therapy”, the Count holds a support group for monsters; featuring the Gill Man, Bigfoot, and the Bogeyman. Will the monsters make progress on their self esteem issues and fears, or will they take out their rage on an unsuspecting populace? In “A Horla Lives in Room 303”, Sophie suspects her neighbor is an invisible creature known as a horla, while her brother suspects that she has either fallen  off the wagon or is going insane. Plus, an interview with Glen Ghoul of Tombwatcher Presents: Cemetery Tales!

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