Meet Marigold, a peculiar seven year old girl who made a promise to visit her grandfather on his very first Day of the Dead. As everyone knows, Day of the Dead is the one night out of the year where the departed visit the land of the living…that is the good and the bad departed ones. Can Marigold survive the night and be reunited with Abuelo, or will dark forces consume her? Click download and listen!


Marigold…Amanda Caperton

Old Man/Lady Bug Man…Will Lasley

Ghost One/Abuelo…Alex Maynard

Ghost Two…Taylor Gentry

Foley Artist/Sound Engineer…Charles Shrodes

And Your Host…Count Drahoon!

Go to to give today to get your ticket to the “Love and Horror” Show on February 7th at The Loft at Third Coast in Nashville, TN!

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