J.Austin Duke’s The Spaceman

J. Austin Duke writes, and the Count presents this sci fi odyssey about a man and his quest to make his dreams come true. Henry Clarkson is The Spaceman, a man who is bound and determined to see all the fantastic sites outside of our world…and the guests who travel here from beyond our galaxy!


Henry Clarkson…J. Austin Duke

Indrid Cold…Sam Frederickson

Joan…Leanna Chamish

General/Daryl..Jon Fleet

Sheriff/Ricky…Andrew Gateley

News Reporter/Daryl’s Wife…Jessica Felice

Mr. Clarkson…John Mauldin

Mrs. Clarkson…Tara Mauldin

Young Henry…Aiden Mauldin

Central/Scientist..Zach King

Co-Pilot/Doctor…Taylor Gentry

Written by J. Austin Duke

Supervising Audio Mixing/Music by Aaron Trimble

Directed by Taylor Gentry

and your Host…Count Drahoon!

Become a $10 or higher patron from now until December 12th , and we’ll buy you a ticket to our show in addition to all the other perks: https://www.patreon.com/Drahoon

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Our artist profile on RAW: http://www.rawartists.org/wwwcountdrahoonraworg

Be sure to read Michael Neel’s new story here: https://www.wattpad.com/user/DriveInHorrorshow

Check out John Mauldin’s Inexplicable Dumb Show!

Here’s a link for Austin’s podcast “Album Cuts:

Audio mixing and Music composition done by Aaron Trimble of Darklight Audio. For inquiries, email him at aarontrimblemusic@gmail.com

Find Leanna and Jessica’s ImDb profiles here:

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