Interviewed By A Vampire: Brandon Bassham (R)

I know it has been a while Sooks and Spookettes. We are still here and working diligently behind the scenes. We have successfully located to Hollywood and are in the process of getting in the swing of things. Most of the content we have done the last several months has been over Facebook. If you haven’t already, be sure to give us a like to watch live interviews, readings or plays, such as this one. Enjoy our previously live streamed interview with writer/director Brandon Bassham, creator of The Slashening series and the upcoming Bring on the Damned! Vol. 1! Since the Merry Mob is back in Tennessee, we are working on getting some more radio plays on this feed very soon. Thank you so much for your patience and listening to our show. Hopefully we will be getting back to regular programming very soon.

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Interviewed By A Vampire # 27: Lloyd Kaufman

The Count sits down with the man, the myth, the legend; Lloyd Kaufman! The pioneering independent filmmaker who co-founded Troma Films, the studio behind such classics as The Toxic Avenger and Class of Nuke’Em High! In this episode, the Count and Uncle Lloydo talk about Troma’s latest endeavors, as well as reminiscing about the past and some mutual friends!

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