Imaginarium 2019

The Count presents his coverage of Imaginarium 2019! From bumping into old friends like Daniel Dark and festival directors Holly Phillipe and Stephen Zimmer to meeting new friends like Jeffery Reddick (creator of Final Destination) authors Nathan Day and Nicole Cushing, and so much more! This was recorded hours before the Count’s “Southern Gothic Ghost Show”, which will have it’s encore at Center for the Arts on December 17th at 7pm. Ticket link is below.

The Monsters of Vanceingville, Part Two

After the events of Daryl’s birth, the Count returns to his castle to be reunited with Lunaticia. Thinking everything is behind him, the vampires are visited by a mysterious ghoul named Dr. Sardonick, the Count’s financier for the experiment. Sardonick demands that Drahoon perform a face transplant surgery in order to forgive his debt or be horribly mangled by Sardoncik’s arm of freaks! Count Drahoon must return to Vanceingville to reunite with Daryl and Bishkeik and find new specimens! Enjoy the conclusion of The Monsters of Vanceingville!


Abigail…Elizabeth Clinton

Derek…Alex Maynard

Dr. Sardonick/Cool Ghoul…Charles Shrodes

Foley Artist…Drew Hinds

Sound Gal…Chris Williams

And Your Host…Count Drahoon

…and his Number One Son Daryl!

…and Bishkeik!

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Interviewed By A Vampire # 30 : Lauryn Green and Laura Mae Stacey of JED

Count Drahoon’s talks with Laura Mae Stacey and Lauryn Green, the co-star and writer/director of the LGBTQ Horror Film, JED; a thriller in which a group of female friends are encountered by a pair of psychopathic brothers while on a camping expedition. The Count and company discuss the LGBTQ representation in horror films and cinema at large, the challenges of making a feature length film, and so much more!

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Halloween Bigfoot Crossover Spectacular 2019

Who or what is Bigfoot? This was the question asked of the five podcasts (Count Drahoon’s Feature of Fright, Lost Signal Society, Mothboys Podcast, Boston Harbor Horror, and Black Clock Audio Tales). Each show contributed a story, with Bigfoot as the central theme. They range from the silly, to the downright horrifying!

Check out the links below and listen to the amazing friends and podcasters that made this special…well, special!


Black Clock Audio

Boston Harbor Horror

Lost Signal Society

Interviewed By A Vampire # 29: John Schwartz, Jr. of Scare USA

The Count sits down with the founder and owner of Scare USA, one of America’s biggest haunted attractions! Hear them discuss the frightening feats of the site, as well as the charities they are involved with such as their anti-bullying campaign “Don’t Be A Monster” !

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The Monsters of Vanceingville, Part One

In Act II of the Count’s Retrospective Live Show, Bishkiek’s unexpected arrival triggers an argument between the two cohorts, which forces Daryl to intervene and demand from his father the reason why they are at odds. What follows after is the story of Daryl’s birth and the strange circumstances that surrounded them.


Abigail…Elizabeth Clinton

Derek…Alex Maynard

Waitress/Foley Artist…Drew Hinds

Sound Gal…Chris Williams

And Your Host…Count Drahoon

…and his Number One Son Daryl!

…and Bishkeik!

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An Evening At The Blood Drive

The Count presents another highlight episode from the Black, White and Red All Over Community Blood Drive from June 26th at the Mayday Brewery in Murfreesboro, TN. What happens when a vampire is invited to a blood drive and can’t have any “samples”? Click the download button and find out!

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Tales of Drahoon # 8: Egypt, 1953

The Count presents an origin story: this is the tale of how Count Drahoon met the Adelaides (the same 50’s era husband/wife team that aided in the Count and Daryl’s fight with the anthropophagous in Ollie’s bladder). Hear how they fell in love, came apart, came back together, and faced down the wrath of an ancient mummy! Recorded live at The Boro Bar and Grill on July 20th, presented by Radical Arts.

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Rick Adelaide…Charles Shrodes

Irene Adelaide…Elizabeth Clinton

Shindu Kush/Bartender…Alex Maynard

Foley Artist/Nurse…Drew Hinds

Sound Gal…Chris Williams

And Your Host…Count Drahoon

…and his number one son Daryl!

…don’t forget Bishkiek!

Interviewed By A Vampire # 28: Tonya Kay

Count Drahoon sits down with The Most Dangerous Woman in Hollywood, Tonya Kay; a versatile independent artist who’s resume is as big as her personality! In this episode, the Count chats with Tonya about her background, the upcoming release of her film D-railed on VOD, working with Glen Danzig on his feature length debut, her Pinup Pole Show, and so much more! Click the download button to hear these two kindred villains banter back and forth.

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Photo creds: Screencapture from Bastard (FOX Horror)

Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Cask of Amontillado” (R)

The Count presents a contemporary version of Edgar Allan Poe’s classic short story of revenge, murder, and wine! This time, instead of it being set in Carnival season in the 19th Century, Montresor (Brad Oxfam) is a dying mobster in present day, confessing to D.A. Stevens (Taylor Gentry) and his grandson (Michele Dannen Smith) what happened to infamous mobster Fortunato “Lucky” Lucresi (Neil Smith).


Fortunato/Rick Hamilton…Neil Smith

Montresor….Brad Oxnam

A.H. Stevens/Callers…Taylor Gentry

Joey…Michele Dannen Smith

Sound Mixing by Aaron Trimble from Dark Room Audio

Written and Directed by Taylor Gentry, based on the Edgar Allan Poe Short Story

And Your Host…Count Drahoon

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