Interviewed By A Vampire # 34: Rebecca Rineheart

The Count sits down with Rebecca Rineheart to talk about the Indiegogo campaign for her upcoming film The Embalmers, and what the plan looks like in the wake of COVID-19. They also discuss Rebecca’s new production company, her podcast In the Mic of Madness, and why women should enjoy horror/exploitation films.

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Factory Man

Young Psychopath Neville has to get a job in a factory; but rather than actually working, he spends most of his time coming up with ways to inflict bodily harm to his co-workers so the foreman will send them home. When the factory workers start dying, he realizes he is either deteriorating or he has a rival! Recorded live at Nick Newton’s and Spinelli’s on January 16th!


Neville…Travis Holmes

Foreman…Ryan Parrow

Big Phil/Newsome…Gregory Lannom

Jim…Andrew Gately

Auntie/Foley Artist…Drew Hinds

…And your host Count Drahoon!

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Interviewed By A Vampire #33: Joe Bob Briggs

The Count sits down with legendary horror host Joe Bob Briggs as we gear up for the premiere of The Last Drive In With Joe Bob Briggs on April 24th! They also discuss Roger Corman, surviving angry mobs, and possible sequels to certain exploitation films!

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Harold (R)

The Count introduces one of his dearest friends: Harold The Scarecrow. It happens to be his birthday, what better way to celebrate it than to tell the tale of how he came to be? Listen to how two farmers inadvertently created a monster!


Alfred…Will Lasley

Thomas…Taylor Gentry

Harold/Maestro of the Macabre…Charles Shrodes

And Your Host…Count Drahoon

Written and Directed by Taylor Gentry

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Interviewed By A Vampire # 32: Donald Farmer

The Count sits down with legendary horror/exploitation filmmaker Donald Farmer! In this episode, the tow discuss Farmer’s reboot of his most notorious film “Cannibal Hookers” as well as pitching a sequel to his “Vampire Cop”!

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Her Name Was Mercy (R)

The Count presents a tale about a man who grieves over the death of his lover. While assisting him, his psychiatrist begins to uncover that the woman he was in love with may not have existed at all. Who was, or is, Mercy Evelyn Jones? Click download and find out!


Doctor…Amanda Caperton

Patient X…Taylor Gentry

Sound Engineer…Charles Shrodes

And Your Host…Count Drahoon

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Interviewed By A Vampire # 31: Jeff Wedding

The Count sits down with filmmaker Jeff Wedding, writer/director one of 2019’s best ranked indie horror films “Tennessee Gothic”, based off of a short story by horror legend Ray Russell.

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The Seconds

In the third story from the “Southern Gothic Ghost Show’, the Count presents a bizarre revenge tale in which a man’s grandfather has lived an unnaturally long life in the hopes of meeting the ghost of his rival, and vanquishing him one last time.

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Thomas White…Alex Maynard

Hiram McWhorter…Will Lasley

Remeshenko…Taylor Gentry

And your Host…Count Drahoon

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Meet Marigold, a peculiar seven year old girl who made a promise to visit her grandfather on his very first Day of the Dead. As everyone knows, Day of the Dead is the one night out of the year where the departed visit the land of the living…that is the good and the bad departed ones. Can Marigold survive the night and be reunited with Abuelo, or will dark forces consume her? Click download and listen!


Marigold…Amanda Caperton

Old Man/Lady Bug Man…Will Lasley

Ghost One/Abuelo…Alex Maynard

Ghost Two…Taylor Gentry

Foley Artist/Sound Engineer…Charles Shrodes

And Your Host…Count Drahoon!

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Rocky Top Horror Convention

The Count presents his highlight reel from the Inaugural Rocky Top Horror Convention in Manchester, TN! In this episode, Count Drahoon talks with Jeff Wedding (writer/director of Tennessee Gothic); Jimjam, Jonny, and Yeti from TN Horror News and Promotions; and Korey Jordan (writer/director of Chickens Blood!)

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